I don't wanna talk           我不想再談
About things we've gone through      剛剛發生的事
Though it's hurting me                  儘管那已經傷害了我
Now it's history                          但那些皆已成為歷史
I've played all my cards                我打出了我所有的牌
And that's what you've done too       你也一樣
Nothing more to say                     再也無話可說
No more ace to play                     再也沒有王牌

The winner takes it all                 贏家得到了一切           
The loser standing small               輸者只能卑微的站在
Beside the victory                       勝利旁邊
That's her destiny                       那就是她的命運

I was in your arms                      躺在你懷裡
Thinking I'd belong there              認為我屬於那裡
I figured it made sense                我嘗試找到意義
Building me a fence                    在我面前築起一道籬
Building me a home                     築成一個家
Thinking I'd be strong there          以為我會很堅強
But I was a fool                         但我真是傻
Playing by the rules                    一切都照規矩在玩

The gods may throw a dice             眾神丟了個骰子
Their minds as cold as ice            他們的內心冷酷如冰
And someone way down here            在下面的某個凡人
Loses someone dear                     失去了心愛的人

The winner takes it all (takes it all)          勝者拿走一切
The loser has to fall (has to fall)           輸家一敗塗地
It's simple and it's plain (yes, it's plain)  那是理所當然
Why should I complain? (why complain?)        我還能抱怨什麼?

But tell me does she kiss            但是,告訴我她吻你的時候
Like I used to kiss you?             像我吻你一樣嗎?
Does it feel the same                感覺一樣嗎?
When she calls your name?            當她呼喚你名字的時候
Somewhere deep inside                在內心深處
You must know I miss you             你一定知道我很想你
But what can I say?                  但我還能說什麼
Rules must be obeyed                 遊戲規則必須遵守

The judges will decide (will decide) 法官即將宣判
The likes of me abide (me abide)     我得服從判決
Spectators of the show (of the show) 看表演的觀眾
Always staying low (staying low)     總是保持冷靜
The game is on again (on again)      遊戲再度登場
A lover or a friend (or a friend)    是愛人還是朋友
A big thing or a small (big or small)是大或是小

The winner takes it all (takes it all)贏家通吃,勝者為王

I don't wanna talk                    我不想再談
If it makes you feel sad              如果那使你感到悲傷
And I understand                      而我明白
You've come to shake my hand          你會前來和我握手
I apologize                我向你致歉

If it makes you feel bad              如果那使你不好受
Seeing me so tense                    看到我如此緊張
No self-confidence                    缺乏自信
But you see                           但你可以看到

The winner takes it all               贏家通吃
The winner takes it all               勝者為王

So the winner Takes it all            贏家得到了一切
And the loser Has to fall             輸者則失去了一切

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